Democratizing user research


The challenge

Conducting user research can sometimes be painful when you are part of a large company. Whether it's money, time, or transparency, there is always plenty of room for improvement. In general, a customer research study takes anywhere from two to four weeks, which makes it difficult to move quickly. There is not much you can do about the duration, and that's because the research industry is very fragmented. The research and recruitment agencies add extra layers of complexity, which only creates more distance between you and your users.

The solution

Insightiable is a research marketplace where businesses can reach out to their potential customers directly. It is improving the state of research by creating a community where researchers and designers can directly connect and source high-quality respondents. By removing the intermediaries from a very fragmented process, Insightiable is providing researchers more control, significantly lower costs, and access to a wider pool of test participants. Test participants get the freedom to set their own prices and earn additional income instead of following the norm set by research agencies.

How could it work?

Test participants add their profiles to the Insightiable marketplace and provide basic information such as age, location, preferred interview method, and cost of interview.

Researchers then access the Insightiable marketplace and filter through the pool of candidates based on age, location, etc. When they have identified suitable candidates, researchers can reach out to them directly and provide more details about the research requirements.

If both the researcher and the participant agree to the conditions, Insightiable collects the transaction amount from the researcher and pays the participant when the transaction is concluded.

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