Building the next UX platform


The opportunity

User experience design is evolving as a discipline, and so should the platforms that support it. UX-ers now need skills and tools that go beyond the screen, and they need to think beyond design. According to LinkedIn’s annual list of the most sought-after skills, employers in 2019 were looking for creativity, collaboration, and adaptability coupled with hard skills such as UX design. Sadly, the tools and techniques for developing such skills are hard to find. Too many UX-ers go through their careers without ever really experiencing the power that design has to drive the business.

The solution

I am proposing a platform that helps UX-ers improve their careers by experiencing design beyond the screen through stories, methods, tools, and more importantly, a supportive community. Everybody learns in different ways, and this platform ensures that as many people as possible can benefit from what it offers. Ideas are shared through a range of channels, allowing UX-ers to choose the format that works best for them. The digital content should be simple, useful and free in most cases. The physical products should have minimal environmental impact and minimal cost.

How could it work?

The platform's products and services could be delivered on various channels to suit different needs. With access to a broad range of design specialists, it could offer classes and workshops in person. It could publish articles, books, and also organise events. It could sell a range of tools (templates, stationery, games, etc.) that would assist UX-ers in their quest for building soft skills. It could also run consulting and training services for businesses. 


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